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Judy currently serves as the chair of the Board of Supervisors where she works together with the other four Supervisors to establish administrative policy and direction for the County and provide budgetary over-sight over all County departments, ensuring County revenues are expended according to guidelines. They also develop Master Plans, hold public hearings, collaborate with the cities and non-profits in the county.

Together Again


Judy will continue to bring a voice to the county board that represents the needs of our men and women who served our country who live in rural communities in District 4. 


Judy knows first hand how crucial it is to bring investments to Coconino County that positively improve basic infrastructure needs, from communities that still do not have running power or water, to the roads and broadband connections that need to be improved to grow our local economy. Judy will continue to lead to make life better for the people of District 4. 

Image by Jason Richard
Forest Fires


From protecting and securing Coconino County's water supply for the future to addressing the potential of fires and floods caused in their aftermath, Judy has worked while on the board to bring critical investments to District 4 and the county to address these key issues. Judy will continue to serve proactively, to help prevent fires, floods, and rises in insurance rates that come without preventative work. 

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